Everything starts with curiosity.

We believe in a simple idea:Exploration sparks curiosity.  Curiosity inspires learning.


What we care about:

  • The natural world
  • Content that matters
  • Starting a conversation
  • Learning by doing
  • Social responsibility


“I am neither clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious.”
-Albert Einstein


Our Founders

  • Nazar Yasin
  • Justin Hsu

Two close friends, fascinated by the growing interests of their preschoolers, noticed that things like museums, zoos and science experiments all seemed to bring out the greatest level of curiosity and joy in their kids. Justin Hsu, with a background in the entertainment industry, and Nazar Yasin, with a background in technology, had an ah-ha moment: the real world is a magical place with so much to wonder about, so much to explore. So they set out to build an innovative series of high-quality self-directed educational experiences for touch devices that spark that same curiosity and joy in investigating how the world works.

Our Education Team

  • David Elkind

    Dr. David Elkind

    Early Childhood Education Advisor

    Dr. Elkind is a professor emeritus of the Department of Child Development at Tufts University, where he taught for thirty years. He is the author of several books about the way young children learn, including Miseducation: Preschoolers at Risk and The Hurried Child. David received his doctorate from UCLA and served as a postdoctoral fellow at Piaget’s Institut d’Epistemologie Genetique in Geneva, Switzerland.

  • Meghan Marrero

    Dr. Meghan Marrero

    Marine Education Advisor

    Meghan currently sits on the board of the National Marine Educators Association and teaches science and oceanography courses at Mercy College. She also serves as a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) adviser at various New York schools. Meghan earned her bachelor’s degree in Biological Science from Cornell University and earned a Ph.D. in Science Education from Columbia University.

  • Nermeen Dashoush

    Nermeen Dashoush

    Early Childhood Science Advisor

    Nermeen is a science teacher and coordinator at the Speyer Legacy School. She holds a master’s degree in Elementary Education from Columbia University and a bachelor’s degree from NYU’s College of Arts and Science. In addition to her role as an educator, Nermeen is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Columbia University.

  • Mark Schlichting

    Mark Schlichting

    Children's Interactive Design Advisor

    Mark is a well-known pioneer of the children’s multimedia industry. He is an expert in children’s interactive design with over 30 years of publishing, design, and creative management experience. He is the creator of the award-winning Living Books series, the first interactive animated storybooks, and his designs have won over 80 educational and entertainment awards.

  • Diane Urban

    Diane Urban

    Educational Game Designer and Research Advisor

    Diane is an educational software producer with over twelve years of experience in children’s digital learning. She has worked on all aspects of app development, including curriculum integration, user experience, and research testing. Diane earned her bachelor’s degree from Duke University and an Ed.M. in Technology in Education from Harvard.