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  1. Why isn’t my sound working?

    The Side Switch on the side of your device (just above the volume buttons) might be turned off. Please make sure that the switch is in the on position so that the orange dot or line is not showing. If this doesn’t work, go to the parent’s corner from the start screen and then click on the “Settings” tab. The Music and Voice-Over features should be switched on and be colored in.

    If you have an iPad, you can also go to your device’s settings and look at the General tab. Change the “Use Side Switch to:” option to the Mute setting and make sure the side switch is set to the position without the orange dot showing.

  2. Where can I learn how to play your apps?

    Each of our apps have a Learning Center that you can get to by clicking the parents icon in the top left corner of the Start Screen. Once inside, click on the “Play” tab to see explanations and recommendations on how to get the most from your app.

  3. How can I teach my child more about your natural themes?

    In the Learning Center (top left icon on the Start Screen), check out the “More” tab to see our educator’s recommendations for some great books to read, fun experiments to perform, and great discussions to have with your child.

  4. Can I use your apps in a different language?

    Yes you can. In the Learning Center (top left icon on the Start Screen), switch to the “Settings” tab and select your language from there.

  5. How do I know your games are educational?

    We work with educational experts in many fields to ensure that our content is as educational as possible. You can learn more about our educators here.

  6. How can I find out when you will release your next app?

    Just sign up for our announcements at the top of this page or the bottom of our other ones.

  7. Why can’t I find any MarcoPolo apps on the Google Play Store?

    Our apps are currently available on the App Store only.

  8. Do you collect any personal information from my child or me?

    Absolutely not. We never take any personal information. We don’t believe in it. For a more official explanation, please take a look at our Privacy Policy.

  9. Do you have any ads in your apps?

    We have no third-party ads at all.