Summer Discoveries Around the World
Dr. Nermeen Dashoush, PhD
STEM Specialist and Chief Curriculum Officer
for MarcoPolo World School

There is something wonderful about exploring new places and gaining new experiences. However, there are plenty of fun ways to engage in learning about the world around us, right here at home! Playing music from other cultures, trying a new recipe, or learning the stories of different landmarks all can expand our point of view.

There are huge benefits for children to learn about the world around them! Children can broaden their perspectives when they learn about other cultures. It can also help them develop curiosity, and build key social emotional skills like appreciating differences and empathy.

Join us as we virtually travel the world this month, exploring some of the many wonders of the world! From music and food, to world records, to diving into the watery world around us, we have lots of discoveries in store for your little learner! Developing map skills, learning about different cultures, measuring and comparing are some of the activities your child will work on this month. Download the Summer Discoveries July Activity Pack for loads of summer fun!

Here are some ideas for playful learning experiences with your child this month:

Family Activities: World Travel
  • Play Charades

    Put out a big world map or globe, and choose to act out different animals from around the world. Don’t forget all of the wonderful water creatures! See if you can find places on the map where that animal may live.

  • Make a new recipe!

    Try cooking food from another culture. It can be a type of bread, a main dish, or even an interesting dip! Learn about why certain ingredients are used in the recipe. Check out the MarcoPolo World School Food Field Trip for some tasty tips!

  • Watery Word Scramble!

    Come up with a list of water words and scramble them up! Trade with a family member and solve each other’s word scrambles. Some ideas: names of oceans or lakes, fish and other water animals, or places to swim.

Follow along for learning all summer with MarcoPolo World School. Check out our Extension Activities and the Discovery Challenges this summer in the activity packs. Designed to keep your child learning and exploring with opportunities to share their discoveries and be featured on MarcoPolo World School!

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